Sunday, May 8, 2011

as the school year wraps up, things are really starting to kick in at the campus farm! unfortunately, that's just how it works with a school farm. we're done with spinach and kale due to the warm temperatures, but everything else is just coming in.

we've been harvesting cilantro, cabbage, lettuce, radishes and the last of the spinach over the past few weeks. we have a couple tiny strawberry plants transplanted from the DPC community garden that have tiny strawberries on them! as well as some flowers and herbs. the broccoli is looking really good also, and should be ready in a couple weeks. onions and garlic in about a month.

carrots and beets are still looking pretty small but doing well. the peas are flowering! yay! they are a dwarf variety so they are small and cute.

and we have little sprouts of red cabbage and kohlrabi.

we just planted some of our summer squash, zucchinis, basil and okra in the garden and more squash, cucucumbers, beans and corn is next....when we have the space :(

we also have a ton of tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse doing well, should be ready for transplant around early june. hopefully by then we have a little more room throughout the garden! we're definitely feeling a little cramped.

we're excited also to welcome James and Laura as the summer farm managers, with Aaron French working with the ENST dept to help out the farm and some of the logistical stuff! they should be a really great team and have lots of enthusiasm, dedication to sustainable ag and tons of great ideas for how to better integrate the farm into the community.