Tuesday, May 28, 2013


So, the SMCM Campus Community Farm Blog has taken a vacation through the internet and has decided to come back and thrive as well as the plants it writes about.  GET EXCITED! A blog revival during summer may seem a little bit weird, but the Campus Farm managers want to keep everyone excited and thinking about gardening even while everyone is at home.  We're going to post weekly tips about what is going on at the SMCM farm and on farms everywhere, or what you could be doing at your own home, etc. It's gonna be great.  So, if you love getting your hands dirty or are tired of paying for vegetables, READ ON! Or, if you want to share your knowledge about gardening, then please email us at smcmcampusfarm@gmail.com, and we will happily post your input!

First post.  Monsanto Rally that happened on Saturday, May 25.  Many probably already know about it, but it's important to really think about, especially in relation to the goals of the farm at St. Mary's (let's talk about a little of that first).  The farm at St. Mary's is aiming to gain the label of "organic", meaning that we do not use chemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, in the growing of our foods.  The founders of the farm rented a plot of land from Historic St. Mary's, and is located right next to a larger production farm.  In order to attain our status of "organic", we have built a buffer zone between our land and the other farm (where chemicals are used), and have refrained from using chemicals. Why the founders chose "organic" I cannot state with confidence, but personally, I find the choice to be wonderful; why harm the Earth when I would not harm myself? Why hurt myself by consuming that which is harmful to other living beings?

Back to Monsanto. They produce genetically-modified food products.  There are great arguments for GMOs- Monsanto creates seeds that are supposed to increase food production in order to help fight the world's hunger, and creates plants that are resistant to disease or take less energy to produce.  However, there are other ethical issues with production: not labeling (e.g. this can be tricky when talking about whether or not a food is kosher) "playing God", unintentionally having seeds blow over into non-GMO farms, etc. (sorry it's passed my bedtime so I will offer no more reasons, but you get the idea). Hundreds of people rallied on Saturday because they are conscious about how food is made and how changes in food production are altering our way of life, our health, our sense of community, etc.

One of my really good friends pointed out, in better words, that our greatest connection with the Earth is through the food we take from it and eat.  So, take care to think long and hard about where your food is coming from, how it is getting to you, and what exactly it is that you are eating.  And come volunteer at SMCM farm to get involved in the making of the things you stuff in your face! We sell our produce to Bon App. :)  Feel free to leave comments about your take on the Monsanto Rally or the ethics of GMOs, whether pro or opposed.