Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recent Work


Despite spring break coming at a very inopportune time (this is when we need to be doing all our work!!) and lots of rain that makes it hard to get in and turn our soil (messing around with the soil doing bed prep while the ground is wet destroys soil structure :/), we have been able to get a fair amount of work done.

Our sprouts are growing well in the greenhouse and we should be able to transplant them in the next couple weeks.

In the community garden, we put up a very small fence and planted flowers, cilantro, parsley, chamomile, and other medicinal and culinary herbs, and also three beds of spinach, lettuce, and kale. A few townhouse members expressed interest in having greens in the community garden and they helped us to plant them! We need to make signs for the garden letting everyone know what's there, but these flowers, herbs and vegetables are grown for the student body to come and pick at will. We still have plans to plant tomatoes, basil, more herbs and transplants of flowers.

At the farm we are in the process of putting up our new fence, setting up irrigation, battling weeds, and direct seeding our spring crops. Today we planted onions, 3 different colors of carrots, snap peas, and radishes. This coming Sunday we hope to plant beets, spring greens, more radishes and possibly transplant some of our cabbage and broccoli seedlings.

We can always use help so please if you are interested come out this sunday at 2! even if its rainy we can still do some seeding and putting down mulch.

We also harvested spinach for the Inauguration luncheon this weekend. Of course we are excited to help out with the inauguration, but this spinach harvest also marks the first delivery to Bon Ap that we will be paid for! We have set up a system with them to start delivering produce. They also very kindly offered to pay for some of our seeds and it looks like we are at the beginning of a very fruitful relationship.

In other news, the legislation that will determine whether or not the SGA funds two summer workers at the campus farm is coming up for a decision this Tuesday 3/29 at the SGA meeting, and we're in the process of deciding how that hiring process should go. So if you have an interest in working at the farm over the summer, please keep an eye out for further details!

We also have a few classes coming to visit and hopefully get a lot of work done on the farm :), two documentaries that will feature the farm, and a few independent studies and SMP's related to the farm that are beginning to manifest in garden plots, compost bins and community involvement! So its a very exciting time for our campus farm.

More pictures soon!

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  1. Ahhhh! I would love to work for the farm this summer! I will be awaiting applications! also this blog is awesome, i didn't know it existed.