Monday, April 4, 2011

spring is really here!!

up until today it has been really cold and wet this past week and for a while it felt like spring was never going to come. this past week we planted fun jen chinese cabbage seedlings, some of our lettuces, and finished the first part of our fencing! we also got fluffy new straw to put down to strangle out the weeds. we're waiting on the soil to warm up so everything we've planted grows faster....and the water is still off at the house, which could turn into a problem if it doesn't rain this week :/

we're looking at planting beets, broccoli and more greens for the spring, we also have potatoes and more onions to plant. we are going to start our summer succession of crops in the greenhouse soon also: lots of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and okra hopefully!

we also have received funding from the SGA for our summer workers (and officially the campus farm is a line item in the budget for the next year) and we sent out the application. Hooray for funding! this was quite a debated issue in the SGA and we're just extremely thankful that we did receive funding (as without summer workers the farm would not survive). please, thank your senators for voting for that if you can.

Lisa Neu, the Sustainbility Fellow, sent out the application for the summer workers this past week and the deadline is April 11th. Please check out the job description and send a resume and cover letter (saying why you're interested, what your experience is, etc), and then we'll conduct interviews and hopefully get two people hired by the end of april!

we will be at the farm every week day at 4 and weekends at 2 so come out, bring a friend and enjoy the warm weather :)

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