Friday, April 15, 2011

just to clear up any misconceptions...

it seems that some people think that the fee increase will go ALL to the campus farm. this is absolutely untrue. the campus farm's budget would be totally covered by a fee increase of $2.50; this fee increase is $25. we have gotten a grant and funding from the ENST office and the sustainability office, also, so really the money the farm gets from the SGA would be even less than $2.50 per student/year.

to put things in perspective: the SGA paid more for the ice rink in the spring than it is contributing for two students to have summer employment at the farm and the rest of the farm's operating budget for a year.

the student fee increase is more about how general fees haven't gone up at all for a long time. the majority of the SGA's budget goes to programs and clubs, things that benefit pretty much everyone who does anything. I personally very rarely fully support how the SGA spends my money. but I recognize that other people do like to go see comedians, enjoy world carnival, participate in club sports and all sorts of other things.

the SGA is unwilling to fund any new projects without having a fee increase. unfortunately the campus farm falls under a new project so despite the relatively tiny amount of money we are asking for, fees do need to go up in general.

hope that clears things up!

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