Thursday, April 21, 2011

our spring succession of crops (just the stuff we put in the ground in early spring) is pretty much all planted at this point and everything is thriving! yay! the cabbage in particular is doing great but we will also be able to harvest lettuce soon and most things should be starting to be ready for harvest around late may (onions, broc, cabbage, peas, beets etc).

this is a little later than I would personally like (everyone on campus now, including seniors, will be long gone by then!) but unfortunately we still deal with some infrastructure hardships like no access to water at the beginnning of the season, a greenhouse with a couple holes in it :) and no money for good potting soil (we use a mixture of mushroom soil and topsoil). all these little things add up to slow growth in our seedlings, although probably the biggest obstacle was not having the water on at the house until a couple weeks ago. and currently, it is off :(

we have had a bunch more volunteers lately which is great to get to know everyone and see some new faces!

we also had two of our exec board members recognized for their work with the campus farm (and other things) by the SGA with the Student Sustainability award. yay! it is always nice to be appreciated :)

there was an article in the point news about the campus farm's SGA bill passing and an opinion written about the campus farm, as well as the campus farm being brought up in conjunction with student fee opinions, so lots of publicity lately. which can be both good and bad.

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